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DVD: Ps Enoch Lavender - The Shmita and the Final Trumpet

Ps. Enoch Lavender shares about the blessings of the Shmita - safety, fruitfulness and the release of debts.

He also shares about the curse of the Shmita and how it has affected ancient Israel and appears to affect modern day financial markets.

Finally, he connects the Shmita to the sounding of the Final Trumpet at the Lord's Return.

Ps. Enoch has a B.A. from Harvest Bible College and is involved with a range of ministries including Ebenezer Operation Exodus, and Teach All Nations (Dr. Kameel Majdali) where he serves on the board. Enoch is also a key part of the Shalom Israel team and is available for itinerant ministry.

DVD Length: 1 Hour
Cost: $10

AUD7.00 each

Return of the Lost Tribes: China, India & Ethiopia DVD

This DVD compiles together video clips about the return of the long-lost Jewish tribes scattered to far-flung regions of China, India and Ethiopia.

Learn about the origins of the Jews in China and India and how they managed to keep their faith during an exile lasting 2700 years.

Learn about the dramatic rescue of the Jews from Ethiopia in 1984 and 1991 under Operation Moses and Operation Solomon.

DVD length: 50mins

Cost: $7