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AUD10.00 each

Ps. Steve Cioccolanti - The Mind of The Messiah DVD

Pastor Steve was born in Thailand to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists and Muslims.
His first book "From Buddha to Jesus", in 2007 became the second best selling Christian book of all time in Thailand.

He has travelled to more than 30 countries as a Christian speaker. His TV ministry airs quality Christian teaching to 4 million viewers per week in Indonesia. Steve is the Senior Pastor of Discover Church in Melbourne, Australia.

Taken from our recent Shalom Israel seminar, this DVD features only the second session of the seminar. Click here to order the complete set

The Mind of The Messiah
Ps. Steve contrasts Hebrew and Greek thinking, challenging us towards less talk, more loving action and towards Spirit-empowered living in our daily lives. 

He examines the 'peace talks' in the Middle East, how God sometimes is quiet and why, and the significance of Pentecost. 

Total cost: $10
Playing time: Approx 1 hours

AUD10.00 each

Islam to Christ DVD

This DVD features 7 dramatised testimonies of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus. The stories are diverse and include testimonies of former Jihadi fighters who have had dramatic encounters with Jesus that changed their lives forever. 

The DVD also features a 1-hour presentation with Dr. Mark Gabriel. Dr. Mark is a former professor of Islam at the most prestigious university in the Sunni Muslim world. In this presentation, Dr. Mark shares his dramatic conversion story as well as a comparision of similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.

DVD length: 2 hours

Cost: $10 inc. postage Aus. Wide

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