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AUD7.00 each

Return of the Lost Tribes: China, India & Ethiopia DVD

This DVD compiles together video clips about the return of the long-lost Jewish tribes scattered to far-flung regions of China, India and Ethiopia.

Learn about the origins of the Jews in China and India and how they managed to keep their faith during an exile lasting 2700 years.

Learn about the dramatic rescue of the Jews from Ethiopia in 1984 and 1991 under Operation Moses and Operation Solomon.

DVD length: 50mins

Cost: $7

AUD7.00 each

Katie Stucken - The Aliyah Process DVD

Katie Stucken, who is in the leadership of the young adults branch, shares about her recent experiences in aiding the Aliyah (return to Israel) of members of the Jewish communities facing hardship in Eastern Europe and Russia.

In this presentation, Ebenezer Young Adults Leader Katie Stucken shares about the practical aspects of aliyah and the many challenges along the way to move to Israel.

She shares with warmth stories of Jewish olim that she has helped to take the big step back to Israel.

The DVD begins with jubilant footage of recent arrivals in Israel.

DVD length: 40 Minutes

Cost: $7