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Derek Prince: The Restoration of Israel and the Church CD

In this recording of legendary International Bible Teacher Derek Prince, Derek explains how both the Church and Israel have been in need of a restoration to God's plans and purposes. Explaining concisely from the scriptures, Derek shows how both the Church and Israel are currently in a phase of divine restoration.

He points out that this restoration is because of God's grace - not because of anything either the Church or Israel has done to 'deserve' God's favour. This restoration is crucial in God's plans for the end of the ages.

This teaching was recorded in Tasmania and is available on CD - approx. length 60 minutes. 

Price includes postage Australia-wide. 

AUD7.00 each

CD: Lawrence & Louise Hirsch Testimony

In this classic recording, Messianic Rabbi Lawrence Hirsch and his wife Louise share their life story of how they fell in love with each other, came to faith in Jesus as their Messiah, and the story of their handicapped daughter Sarah and the challenges involved in looking after her. 

It is a story of laughs, romance, courage and tears - sure to inspire.

Lawrence Hisrch is the director of Celebrate Messiah and is a Jewish believer in Jesus who was born in South Africa. It was in 1995 that Celebrate Messiah was born and this recording is made shortly afterwards. Lawrence and Louise have been involved in planting several messianic congregations and have had the privilege of leading many Jewish people to faith in Jesus.

CD length - approx 45mins

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