Andrew Tucker - Israel, Settlements and International Law. Who says they are illegal?

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Andrew Tucker is serving as the Legal Counsel to the European Coalition for Israel as well as the Executive Director of Christians for Israel International. We are priveledged to have him come and share with us about the Settlements from the perspective of an International Law expert.

Where:  Beth Weizmann Community Centre, 306 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North

When: Monday, August 26th 2013 7.30pm

Free Entry - No Pre-Booking Required

On 29th November 2012, Australia and New Zealand, together with 136 other states, voted to adopt a UN General Assembly resolution granting "Palestine" recognized observer status in the UN as a non-member state. This and other UN resolutions reflect the widely-held opinion that Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem, its continued "occupation" of the "Occupied Palestinian Territories", and the Jewish settlements in "East Jerusalem" and the West Bank, are illegal under international law. In the eyes of many states, Israel's settlement policies are illegal and impeding the peace process.Andrew Tucker

But is this really so? And does international law really require a two-state solution based on the 1967 lines? ANDREW TUCKER presents an analysis of the history of Jerusalem and the West Bank, the principles of international law, and the U.N. system which throws serious doubts on many common perceptions about international law and the claims being made concerning Israel/Palestine. He will present arguments which prove that such claims infringe the existing rights of the Jewish people, undermine Israel's security, which in turn undermines the rights and prosperity of both Jews and Arabs, and threatens the status of Jerusalem as a city where the protection of Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy places is guaranteed. 

ANDREW TUCKER was born and raised in Australia. He studied law at Melbourne and Oxford Universities, and practised as an attorney in Australia, UK and Netherlands for 20 years in the fields of international and EU law. Since 2004 Andrew has been Executive Director of Christians for Israel International, and Legal Counsel to the European Coalition for Israel (a Brussels-based foundation dedicated to defending Israel's rights in the EU and UN institutions). Andrew is married to Marianne and they have four children. They live in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.



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